Custom Cable Assembly
PCIe Cables
PCIe x4 cables, also called PCI Express cables, are now in stock. PCIe cables are new high-performance cables used in various applications such as networking and storage equipment, peripheral devices, workstations and imaging systems.
    Product Features:
  • PCIe cables available in x4/x4 configuration
  • Available in various lengths
  • PCI-SIG PCI Express Cable Specification Compliant
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Includes x4 PCIe lanes and side-band signals for:
    • Power-On
    • Reset
    • SM Bus (clock/data)
    • 100MHz Reference Clock
    • Board Present
    • Wake
  • Positive latching mechanism per the PCI-SIG specification
  • Supports 10 Gbps full-duplex transfer rates

PCIe x4 connector PCIe x4 connector PCIe x4-x4, 0.5 Meter, 28AWG, Ejectors
PCIe x4-x4, 1 Meter, 28AWG, Ejectors
PCIe x4-x4, 2 Meter, 28AWG, Ejectors
PCIe x4-x4, 3 Meter, 28AWG, Ejectors
PCIe x4-x4, 5 Meter, 26AWG, Ejectors
PCIe x4-x4, 7 Meter, 24AWG, Ejectors

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